General Server Features

Game Update: Goddess of Destruction - Return of the Queen Ant Ch. 2.

Hero Coins - Everything can be obtained through gameplay

First and foremost: everything on the L2 Store (with a few exceptions such as premium account tickets, which are tradeable however)
can be bought with Hero Coins, which drops from all monsters across the world.


Upon character creation, your character starts as Lv. 85.
The amount of experience required for each level has been lowered as follows:
- Level 85-104: Reduced 50 times.
- Level 105-109: Reduced 3000 times.
- Level 110-111: Reduced 50-100 times.
- Level 112-115: Reduced 25-40 times.
- Level 116-119: Reduced 2-5 times.
- Level 120+: No changes.
- Acquired Adena: No Changes. Acquired SP: Increased 10 times.

Premium Account

- Acquired Exp/Sp +25%
- Drop Rate +20%
- Spoil Drop Rate +25%
- Amount of dropped Adena +25%

Easier start

Additional Quest Rewards:
- 1st Exalted Quest: Rewards a set of level 4 brooch jewels of choice.
- 2nd Exalted Quest: Rewards a Blessed Exalted Armor Set of choice.
- 3rd Exalted Quest: Rewards a Lucien's Bracelet of choice.

Retail Game Mechanics

After an excessive amount of testing and experimenting, we have implemented several retail game mechanics including:
- Magical and Physical damage calculations are identical to the official servers.
- Other damage affecting factors such as: Attribute and Level Difference in PVP and PVE.
- Stats of most monsters has been corrected to retail values, making the difficulty of monsters the same as on the official servers. See our discord patch notes section for a full list of monsters which has been corrected. We will be extending this to every single monster within the coming weeks.

Other Changes

- Added a 4 second casting time to using teleports.
- You will flag upon hitting a raid boss.
- Raid Bosses' Limit Barrier: It takes 300 hits to break the barrier, the duration has been increased to 30 seconds.
- Castle Sieges: As on the official platform, you are able to register as an attacker to multiple castles.
Join our discord community for the complete list of changes.

New Olympiad System

Experience the new round-based Olympiad system in a best-of-three style approach.
The Olympiad games takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 00:00 (server time).

Matchmaking and Points

By implementing the retail matchmaking and point calculation mechanics, you will compete against opponents of similar skill, and fight to climb the ranks of the olympiad leaderboard.

Legend System

Legend, is a special title awarded to the player who has scored the most points in the Olympiad general ranking.
The Legend is rewarded with a Legend's Infinity weapon, superior to the regular Infinity weapons.

Cursed Weapon Event: Zariche and Akamanah

The Cursed Sword event takes place from Monday through Thursday, from 18:00 to 23:59.
If a Lv. 95+ monster dies somewhere in Elmoreden within this time, there is a chance that the Demonic Sword Zariche or Blood Sword Akamanah will appear.

The Event

When a cursed sword appears in the world, a chest with the same title activates near the Sea of Spores. There are 4 Priests of Purification around each chest. They will be destroying the chest. By default, the priests will be petrified.

From 18:00 till 23:29: if a cursed sword owner spends more than 10 minutes in a peace zone or goes offline for more than 30 minutes, the priests will become free from petrification to destroy their chest.
From 23:30 till 23:59: no matter where a cursed sword owner is, the priests become free from petrification to destroy their chest.
If a cursed sword treasure chest is destroyed, the right of ownership for such sword is lost, and the sword drops in the world again.
At any time, if a cursed sword owner doesn’t kill another character in 2 hours, the cursed sword disappears.


The last holder of the sword receives a guaranteed payment in the amount of Adena and a Zariche's/Akamanah's Sealed Box.
An additional reward can be obtained, according to the amount of kills made with the sword, making it possible to reach a reward of up to Adena for holding a sword by the event end.

Optimized Performance

One of the major issues with playing this update on free servers, is the unbearable lag that follows the massive amount of calculations, which the server performs, while being affected by effects such as disarm, or simply equipping/un-equipping your items.

We are proud to present a server, where this kind of client-stutter has been completely eliminated.
The video to the right demonstrates the effect of some of our optimizations.

Final Words

Our team consists of two software engineers who have been passionately playing Lineage II for the past 16 years, and have been continuously theorycrafting about many aspects of the game during that time.
We put a conscious effort into perfecting as much as possible every formula, game mechanic, and aspect of the game wherever possible.
We are continuously scouting for, and performing various experiments on the official servers to ensure our methods and formulas are correct. Examples of such formulas and methods, which we have corrected, includes: attribute damage calculation, how item drop bonuses affect your drop rate in a party/CC, olympiad games matchmaking, p.atk vs p.def formula, m.atk vs m.def formula, how shield blocking is calculated, critical damage formula for dagger blows, Dex based skill critical rate for Yul Archers and Othell Rogues, level difference damage and debuff land rate formulas, the follow movement pattern of summons, how accuracy vs evasion is calculated, just to name a few...